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Empowering Minority Women & Men Into C-Suite Leadership

We work with minority women and men who are High Potentials, Emerging Leaders, Next Generation Executive and C-Suite Entrants to develop their "Ready Now" Leadership Skills. We offer a mobilized approach to helping you identify and build the skills needed to succeed at the Executive Level. Tangible executable advice, a place to share and connect with peers, mentors, and sponsor who will be there to help you along your career journey.


As minorities in the workplace, you’ve lived the fragile process of finding your leadership voice, and getting others to see you as leadership ready. You know that education alone isn’t going to get you into the corner office. The key reason why leadership development programs fail minority professionals, you don't have access to continued support and coaching when things get tough. We help you define who's on YOUR Leadership Development Team.

Wherever you are on your career path - New Entrant, Emerging Leader, Mid-level Manager or positioning yourself for an Executive or C-Suite role, you need the tools, resources and development opportunities to get you to the next level. We offer you strategic career guidance and self-transforming programs to empower you to successfully seek and obtain leadership roles. We show you how to champion YOUR Career Growth.

Our mentorship community will help you develop a sense of purpose and offer you critical support because we know first hand that arriving at the CEO door doesn't mean you get to stay there. You'll need a village to support your career vision. We show you how to harness the power of leadership.

Minority Women and Men must learn how to OWN the C-Suite - Let us show you how to build your powerful career without missing out on key leadership opportunities!


The Employee to CEO Projects goal is to create a community built on commonality. A community built around championing how we advance and retain minorities in C-Suite Leadership.


Increasing the number of minority women and men in C-Suite Leadership Roles requires more than talk, The Employee to CEO Projects aims to disrupt the numbers by building an "Only Option" Leadership Development Pipeline for minority women and men.

Learn How to Build Your Career Without Compromising Your Leadership Aspirations - Let us show you how to work "ON" your career instead of "IN" your career. Join our weekly Career Roundtable.

The Corporate "REALITY" Executive Level Diversity Continues to be A Challenge!


Women in C-Suite Leadership at Fortune 500 Corporations

The Percentage of Women at the CEO Level: 4.4% White; 0.2% Asian; 0.2% Black; 0% Latina in 2016

Male Diversity in Fortune 500 Corporations

Less than .08% of African American Men Occupy CEO Leadership Roles in Fortune 500 Corporations


Minorities in Leadership Across All Spectrum of Corporations

According to the BLS: African Americans hold less than 6.7% of the nation's 16.2 million "Management" job.

The Leadership Pipeline in Fortune 500 Corporations

Women at Executive Level or Senior Level Management: Asian 1.7%; Black 1.2%; Latina 1.0%; White 21%

Diverse Leadership Development Pipelines are Imperative in Today's Global Economy.

We know it not enough to say there are too few minorities in Senior Leadership roles, we aim to partner with you to co-create actionable solutions that impact how diversity is applied to executive leadership development.

We have an obligation to change the narrative around Leadership Attributes, and Leadership Development
Margaret Spence
Founder - EEtoCEO Project

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