Leadership Self-Transformation Book

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Leadership Self-Transformation

52 Career Defining Questions Every High Achieving Women Must Answer

In this powerful life-changing book, Margaret Spence asks high-achieving women fifty-two provocative questions to clarify their leadership aspirations like, “What kind of leader would you be if you were clear about yourself?”

  • “Who is the master of your career?”
  • “Who are you without the label of your job title?”
  • “Do you accept your success?”
  • “What are you afraid of?”

Each of these questions will hit at your core values and your personal career choices. A leadership and career management book for women who want to move from empowerment to immediate action steps.

What if you could find the power and the limitless courage to build the career you want?

Leadership Self-Transformation isn’t about changing who you are. It is about aligning who you are with what you do. Leadership development expert and thought leader, Margaret Spence says, “Self-transformation creates an opening into the path of success. There’s nothing more powerful than removing the internal barriers to success.”

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Leadership Self-Transformation Book
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I purchased a copy of the book at the SHRM 2017 Conference after hearing Margaret speak, this book is a game changer for my career. I had to ask myself, "What do I really want?"
HR Administrator, Educator

Margaret Spence

Author, Business Strategist, CEO

Margaret Spence is the CEO of C. Douglas & Associates, a leading Human Resources and Risk Management Consulting Firm. She is also the founder of The Employee to CEO Project, an innovative leadership development platform and networking community whose mission it is to advance women into C-Suite leadership. Her seminal book, From Workers' Comp Claimant to Valued Employee, lead the revolution to value injured and disabled employee in the workforce. As a business strategist, keynote speaker, leadership development coach and corporate consultant, Margaret is on a mission to disrupt the leadership development process by empowering high-achieving women to manage their careers effectively.