C-Suite Leadership Development for Minority Women and Men

Why do you think Leadership Development Programs Fail Women and Minorities?

One Word - Support! You've built a program but you haven't connected your "Why" with the Employees "Why"

Common Misconceptions

Fact vs. Assumptions

Your Goal - Career Coaching

Would Your Employees Agree?

Tainted Pipeline: It’s Not a Pipeline Issue

Fact: There's a greater representation of educated and qualified minorities than ever before, but the leadership development needle hasn't moved an inch. Your pipeline is full but managers continue to overlook talented individuals. Leadership Diversity cannot be built around intervention and strong-arming managers. Engagement is the only effective tool to change leadership development shortfalls.

Minorities Don’t Want Leadership Roles: Not True

Fact: Minorities want to be in leadership but we must feel included. Inclusion means hearing all voices and having a willingness to build a leadership development program that includes all employees. Has anyone asked your employees what they want? Is your promotional strategy subjective or objective?

The Statistics Are Wrong: Not Really

Fact: According to the Harvard Business Review - Leadership Diversity has remained stuck since 2000. The numbers haven't budged in 16 years. Most women and minorities are stuck in middle management jobs with no possibility for advancement.
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C-Suite Leadership Development for Minority Women and Men
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