The Employee to CEO Project

Leadership Development for Executive and C-Level Women

The Employee to CEO Project’s mission is to disrupt the dismal number of women in C-Level leadership. Founded by Margaret Spence, a global business leader who is committed to building a pipeline of ready-now women leaders who are strategically placed within organizations, so they are ready to advance when key leadership positions are available.

Through our Ten-X Leadership Academy, we offer programs to enhance and develop women leaders. Our cohort of women leaders will inspire each other to grow, find fulfillment in their career, learn the skills necessary to advance, and boldly live the life they want. We offer skills-based workshops for aspiring women leaders. Mentorship and mastermind programs to accelerate career growth. Monthly live and virtual networking events, and we offer executive leadership development coaching for senior-level executives who want to pivot from middle management into executive or C-level leadership.

Through our partnership with multi-national corporations, we also offer women’s leadership development programs, training, strategic planning, facilitation, and succession planning.

Our Vision & Mission

Global Movement

We know that Diversity still needs pioneers. The Employee to CEO Projects singular goal is to create a Global Movement that focuses on Diversity in the Leadership Pipeline. We owe it to the next generation to change how we develop talent and how we harness the talents of a diverse group of individuals.

Our Founder

Margaret is a Global Business Strategist, Transformational Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach, and Visionary. Her latest book - Leadership Self-Transformation: 52 Career-Defining Questions Every High-Achieving Women Must Answer Asks women two opening questions - What do you want and why don't you have it now? Her training sessions captivate audiences at the SHRM Annual Conference and she is one of SHRM’s Top Annual Conference Speakers on women in leadership, millennial leaders, and creating inclusive advancement pipelines for women leaders.

Margaret Spence

Founder, The Employee to CEO Project

We Empower - Your Power. We Are the Guidepost and Catalyst to Help You Scale Your Career to New Heights. For the last 30 years’ Margaret has inspired organizations to value talent. The central tenets of her work, engaging employees in a shared vision, creating inclusive initiatives, and fostering collaboration across silos. Determined to create a glide path for diversity and inclusion in executive leadership, Margaret launched The Employee to CEO Project, a global initiative aimed at increasing the representation of women, with specific emphasis on minority women, in C-Level leadership roles.

You see things, and you say why? I dream things that never were, and I say Why Not?
George Bernard Shaw