Coaching is An Investment in Your Career

What we know, leadership development and executive coaching is a catalysit for women's advancement. Our experience tells us that when a woman has clarity, she will see what’s possible. When a woman finds courage, she will give herself permission to succeed. When a woman get clear about her vision, she will find her purpose. When a woman takes action, she will broaden her pathway. When a woman is intentional about her results, she will step into her power.

The hardest skills to develop are the ones we fail to identify and the hardest skillsets to unlearn are the ones we fail to recognize.

An investment in coaching is transformational. It pays dividends because it inspires, rather than demands the right behaviors, and it helps you sets new expectations for your career glide-path. Are you waiting for someone to invest in your career or are you willing to invest in yourself?

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Safe Space Coaching

Safe Space to Discuss Your Career

Outplacement Coaching

Repackaging Your Skills After a Job Loss

Career Strategy Coaching

Coaching For Aspiring Women Leaders

New Manager Coaching

New Women Leader Coaching

Leadership Development Coaching

Coaching For Established Women Leaders

Executive Leadership Coaching

Coaching For Executive Women

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Career Strategy Call


Strategic Career Mentorship

  • Safe Space to Talk About Your Career
  • 50 - Minutes of Personalized Attention via Zoom Meeting or Phone
  • Quickly Assess Your Goals
  • Talk About Specific Challenges
  • Ask critical career questions
  • Need a Sounding Board?
  • New Coaching Clients Only
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Executive Women Coaching


Leadership Coaching

  • Pre-Coaching Assessment
  • (1) 60 - Minute Coaching Session via Zoom
  • (2) 30 - Minute Follow-up Coaching Session via Zoom
  • (1) 15 - Minute Post-Coaching Follow-up Session via phone or email
  • Articulate Vision Exercise
  • Clarity Review
  • Action Plan Review
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Looking for Corporate Coaching Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Difference?

Not Sure What Coaching Services Fits Your Needs? Here Are Our Definitions

Your organization may not offer you Strategic Career Guidance or Career Coaching or you may not feel comfortable discussing your future with them. I know that the opportunity to discuss your career and build a strategic plan is not always offered to those who need it most. That's why I'm offering you a "Safe Space Career Strategy Call" with me.

45-Minutes to discuss what matters most to you. I will offer you strategic guidance to help you navigate your career more effectively and build the career you want. I am a certified trained ICF Coach, leadership development expert, and strategic career coach.

The million dollar question is this: What do you want and Why don't you have it now?

As a new female leader you immediately realize that it is lonley at the top. Our coaching program offers you leadership support, a safe space to discuss the challenges you face as a new woman leader, and we offer you the ability to grow within your new role.

Feeling overwhelmed in your career journey is just an awful feeling. This coaching session is for individuals who may have one or more of these challenges to overcome:

  • Career Strategy to Advance
  • Changing Careers
  • Mid-Career Assessment
  • Sudden Job Change or In a transition
  • Promotion or New Manager Coaching
  • Uplevel or Upskills Coaching
  • Returning to the Workforce

Are you poised to advance into leadership? Do you need a sounding board, help to clarify what you want, or skills to establish yourself as a leader? This coaching session is perfect for a high-powered woman who needs additional career guidance or a woman who is looking to advance her career within or ourside of her current organization.

We know it's lonley at the top and you maybe the only woman occupying the executive suite.  Every woman who occupies the executive suite needs a solid support system. This coaching is for high-powered women who are already in executive leadership who want to move up or who find their position creates silos that cannot be overcome without strategic coaching. Our high-level coaching program is by invitation only and has limited availability.

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It may be best to say first what coaching is not - coaching is not counseling or therapy. In my practice, coaching is a safe, nonjudgemental, and confidential space that allows you to express your career goals and any other areas you want to discuss. The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

I was trained at the University of Miami and obtained a Certified Professional Coaching Designation and Certification. The program offered 120 hours of classroom training as well as 200 hours of practical supervised coaching experience. The University of Miami program is certified by the International Coaching Federation. Over the last four years I have coached over 200 individuals with over 400 hours of documented coaching experience.

After you schedule your coaching session but before you start the session, you may request a refund. If you cancel the session within 24-hours of the scheduled time, you will not receive a refund but you will have an opportunty to reschedule your session one time. Coaching is a serious endeavor we want to make sure that all coaching clients are committed to working with us - so repeated rescheduling of appointment do not allow you to have continuity of the coaching experience and prevents others from benefiting from much needed coaching. Once the coaching session has started we will not issue a refund, if you are not satisfied I will do everything in my powers to make sure you are satisfied. You must however communicate your dissatisfaction in writing so I can work with you to reach a resolution.

What happens if you don't finish your sessions?

All sessions expire 6-months after starting the first session. Unused packaged sessions will not be refunded. You will have access to my schedule for six months which should allow adequate time to complete all pre-paid sessions in your package.

A candid open conversation, powerful questions, space to process the session, and key next-steps to help you move ahead. Your session is yours to craft - you determine what you want to discuss. You determine what outcome you want. You determine the direction of each session.

At the end of each pre-paid package session you will be given the opportunity to schedule additional sessions and you will be provided with a fee schedule to buy coaching in multi-sesson or individual sessions packages. We are always here to continue working with you.