A Closer Look At Development Pipelines

The Bold Question, Why Do So Few Women Hold Top Jobs in Major Companies?

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By 2025, there will be 500 opportunities for women to become CEO of a Fortune 1000 Company, today roughly 94% of Fortune 1000 CEO's are men.

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Less than 24% of women are currently in the pipeline headed to executive leadership and 65% don't think they are being prepared or ready for leadership.

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The majority of women never though they could become CEO until a mentor told they they could. 49% of women don't apply for advancement because of perceived biases


We Know The Problem:

Women Remain Significantly Underrepresented in Executive Leadership, Especially Women of Color. To Make Significant Impact, Companies Must Change The Way They Promote Women into Entry and Mid-Level Management Positions, and Women Who are Promoted Must Continue to Advance.

What We Haven't Addressed:

Helping Frontline Managers See Potential and Predict Capacity.

How do we advance motivations and key drivers of success for women?

How do we accelerate upskill development for all women in your ranks?

How do we help managers find the confidence to utilize effective tools to develop women? 

Courses to Help Front Line Managers

Ignite Womens' Leadership Potential

Our Building Your Future Resume™ Series will teach your frontline managers and leadership team how to empower women, how to to keep your best talent continually learning, while simultaneously teaching high-performing women how to develop the skills needed to become leaders in your organization. We ask your team bold questions to challenge the status quo.


Helping Managers Uplevel Women

This course is not about building your resume or your team's resume. Instead, this course is about helping managers and team leaders impact the career of the women they lead. By the end of this course frontline managers will understand how to develop, uplevel, and upskill the women in their team. We will help managers learn how to spot potential, systematically evaluate potential, move beyond mentorship to creating opportunities to transfer knowledge while improving women's leadership confidence. We will provide managers with a scalable and actionable framework to help women find the clarity they need to build a proactive self-directed upward career path.

One in Five Leaders Surveyed Said They Regret Taking Their Role…Even Managers who love their role, most say they struggle with key areas – 2020 Frontline Leader Project by DDI
A Pattern Approach to Empowering Women

Gone are the days of only focusing on high-potential women; every woman in your company must be developed to their full potential. The question we ask attendees – how much do you know about what women want from their career? It’s time to move beyond traditional competency-based approaches to leadership development. This online and classroom-based course is for managers who have been tasked with upending the dismal number of women advancing in their organization and who want to gain a greater understanding of what motivates women and what derails their progress. By the end of this course, frontline managers will understand: What patterns and key performance indicators predict success? How to define KPI's and power motivators. How to articulate career pathways and how to accelerate growth not only for the women on their team but everyone they lead.

Leaders are among the most time-strapped and are at risk of spending their days juggling urgent matters non-stop, leaving little or no time to develop their team or focusing on their own personal development.2020 Frontline Leader Project by DDI and 2019 LinkedIn Learning Report
2 - Manager Training 2

This program is your chance to view women’s leadership development through a new lens. Discover new techniques to influence, motivate, mentor, sponsor, and champion women into leadership roles. Developing Women Leaders takes an in-depth look at how managers must remove the ambiguity that prevents women from stepping into leadership and how to deploy upskills developmental tools. This course is in no way about aligning competencies; it is about the essentials of leading women. Discover the areas where women traditionally lack confidence and learn how to help women find their authentic voice. Highlight the fear that derails upward mobility and learn how to help women ask for what they want. Inspire and challenge stereotypes while advocating for upward mobility. The key question this course answers – what should you do as a manager to empower and develop women and why it all matters? 

Leaders report being driven by their connections with others and helping their teams and colleagues across the organization succeed.2020 Frontline Leader Project by DDI
Leadership and Uplevel Development for Manager

What are the key drivers of success for women, and how do you tap into it earlier? This certification course is designed for managers, human resources, recruiters, and talent development professionals who are tasked with accelerating upskills development of women. We help attendees spot talent earlier, identify the traits and drivers of success, and move beyond competency-based leadership development to transformational growth. An investment in workforce transformation pays dividends because it inspires, rather than demands the right behaviors, and it sets new expectations for those leading people. A changing workplace demands a new approach to developing women leaders. The way we recruit, retain, engage, prepare, incentivize, and reward high-achieving women - must change. This course focuses on four key areas: Recruiting, Retaining, Engaging, and Developing women.

"Your Frontline Managers Need Guidance to Develop Women into Leaders"

Fact, most managers were promoted into management without a single management training class. Years after being promoted most managers have never been trained to coach and develop their teams, but somehow we expect them to upskill and build out a bench of potential leaders. How does that happen without adequate guidance?

The Number One Reason Why Your Managers Need to Attend Our Courses:

There is no uniformity and limited guidance to help frontline managers develop team members and there's zero knowledge about how to develop women. Who gets developed and who gets promoted is subjective, riddled with inequity, and often lacks transparency. To change the advancement numbers for women - this root cause must be addressed.

Wanted: More Managers Who Are Trained to Upskill, Uplevel, and Accelerate the Development of Women. 


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C-Suite Leadership Development for Minority Women and Men
C-Suite Leadership Development for Minority Women and Men

Transforming Women's Leadership Development Because Diversity Matters.

“We are closing the diversity gap between the Executive Suite and the C-Suite by ending career plateaus and off ramps that derail the careers of minority women and men. There’s a tiny space between making a difference and accepting the status quo – we work within that gap.” Founder, Margaret Spence