A Closer Look At Development Pipelines

The Bold Question, Why Do So Few Women Hold Top Jobs in Major Companies?

We Know The Problem:

Women Remain Significantly Underrepresented in Executive Leadership, Especially Women of Color.

To Make Significant Impact, Companies Must Change The Way They Promote Women into Entry and Mid-Level Management Positions, and

Women Who are Promoted Must Continue to Advance.

Here Are the Dismal Statistics:

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By 2025, there will be 500 opportunities for women to become CEO of a Fortune 1000 Company, today roughly 94% of Fortune 1000 CEO's are men.

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Less than 24% of women are currently in the pipeline headed to executive leadership and 65% don't think they are being prepared or ready for leadership.

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The majority of women never though they could become CEO until a mentor told they they could. 49% of women don't apply for advancement because of perceived biases


Two proven results no one questions about having more women in executive leadership...

(1) The Financial Business Case - Top companies with women in leadership out perform ones without women. (2) Companies who empower gender diversity also understand that while diversity is the law, inclusion is the mission - equity is always the goal.

What Do Women Want From Organizations?

Women want an even playing field that supports advancement and eliminates off-ramps, We know that your organization wants the same.

Research shows that organizations have well-written mission statements to empower women into leadership, but the data shows that women are not advancing - So how do you turn the mission into results driven action? 

Our Programs Move Leaders Beyond Mission Statements to Concrete Actions to Advance Diverse Women Leaders

Transformational Leadership Premise

Women's Leadership Development is More than Empowerment

In a business context, transformation is a process of profound and radical change that orients any organization in a new direction and takes it to an entirely different level of effectiveness. The framework continually ask - What....What do we want? What are we missing? What can we do to engage women more effectively?

Building Your Future Resume™

In today’s workplace a college degree in X really means nothing when applied to the employee success factor. Your organization must proactively create a culture that fosters mentorship and internal talent development to build a pipeline of NextGen, Ready Now Women Leaders.

Building Your Future Resume™ will teach your leadership team how to empower women, how to to keep your best talent continually learning, while simultaneously teaching high-performing women how to developing the skills needed to become leaders in your organization.We ask your team bold questions to challenge the status quo. 

Our Program Includes: 

  • Transformation Leadership, A Roadmap to Gender Equality
  • Leadership Assimilation for Women
  • Introspection, What's Blocking True Potential
  • Bridging the Gap Between Leadership Potential and Leadership Success
  • Building Resilience, The Art of Navigating Politics in Organizations
  • Assessments and Feedback
  • Goal Setting and Developmental Coaching
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“We are closing the diversity gap between the Executive Suite and the C-Suite by ending career plateaus and off ramps that derail the careers of minority women and men. There’s a tiny space between making a difference and accepting the status quo – we work within that gap.” Founder, Margaret Spence

Transforming Women's Leadership Development Because Diversity Matters.

C-Suite Leadership Development for Minority Women and Men
C-Suite Leadership Development for Minority Women and Men

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