The career transformation challengeAsks You Bold Questions Like…

what’s next for your career?What vision did you have for your career and have you forgotten what you wanted?

Ever find yourself asking,

” What am I actually accomplishing in my career?!”

If you’re struggling to answer these questions,

Join the 30-Day Career Challenge

17,845 People Took The Career Transformation Challenge on LinkedIn…..Are you ready to join them? 

What Questions Should You Ask Yourself to Transform Your Career? 

Let’s start with, What do you want and why don’t you have it now?

The Career Challenge is Free…. 

Here’s What’s Included…

Powerful Online Course, 30 Daily Lessons, over 4-hours of Video Content, 

The Career Transformation E-Book, and 

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Leadership Self-Transformation Book – Three Chapter Preview and 

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  • Have the key questions to help you understand the role you are playing in your career growth.
  • Understand the mindset to create exponential growth in your career.  
  • Define what you want and answer questions you never thought of asking yourself.  

The bold question:what do you want from your career? Join the Challenge….

The Career Transformation Challenge…  


Video #1

What Defines Your Individuality?


Video #2

What Can You Learn About Yourself Today? 


Video #3

What Has Your Career Done For You Lately? 


Video #4

What Do You Need to Focus On to Move Your Career Forward?


Video #5

What Is Derailing Your Career? Could It Be You? 


Video #6

What Can You Do To Articulate Your Vision? 

17,845 People Took The Career Transformation Challenge on LinkedIn – This Is What They Said….

Margaret Spence: Founder & CEO 

The Employee to CEO Project & Ten-X Leadership Academy

Margaret Spence

I work with women leaders to challenge limiting assumptions, question barriers to success, find resilience, and ignite your power to lead authentically. I help you manifest your vision, eliminate your blind spots, create transformation breakthroughs, build a strategic career action plan, and create a support network to achieve your leadership goals. I’m the author of Leadership Self-Transformation: 52 Career-Defining Questions Every High-Achieving Women Must Answer.

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