I Am Here to Succeed

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I am here to succeed

Daily Motivation: I Am Here to Succeed

Today’s Women in Leadership short is centered around success. What is your definition of success? Are you focused on achievement or are you only focused on success?

There is a distinct difference between what you achieve and what you define as success. Have you ever stopped to embrace all of your accomplishments and do you view that as being successful? Let me dig a little deeper – if you didn’t accomplish a goal do you see yourself as a failure or do you acknowledge the journey towards the goal as a success?

It’s so easy to discount the value of your body of work – while you’re trying to achieve your goals. Looking back over my thirty-three years of work, I recognize that I haven’t stopped to acknowledge and appreciate my achievements. The world of work teaches us how to check the success box,  but it doesn’t teach us how to appreciate and validate every step we make towards achieving our goals. We discount the process and only acknowledge the end results. If we fail, then we are told to brush ourselves off and try again, as if the failure wasn’t a lesson we needed to learn.

Everything you do on a daily basis contributes to your success, even the failures. Failures teach you how to succeed. 

As you contemplate leadership advancement, you must validate all the steps you’ve taken to achieve every single goal.  Pay homage to the process, to the steps, to the lessons, to the mentors, to the failure, to the highs and the lows because the journey has and will prepare you to be a better leader.

These daily motivation shorts are here to empower you to think about what you want from your career and the steps you’re taking towards your leadership development.

Your impact – embrace your success. If you can’t validate your achievements, no one else will. 

Leadership Challenge: 

1. Are you grateful for your journey?

2. What is your definition of success and do you own it?

3. What can you do today to acknowledge that you are a success?

Final Thought – You are a success, and you are here to succeed! Take 10 minutes to write down three things you’ve accomplished, why you’re grateful, and how those accomplishments helped you get to where you are right now. Then acknowledge the road you’re on and the journey towards your continued success.


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