I Am Here to Make a Difference

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Daily Motivation: I Am Here to Make a Difference

Today’s Women in Leadership short is centered around making a difference. What can women do to help each other succeed?

We are all here to impact each other, some of us affect each other in negative, unproductive ways, while others form genuine bonds to empower the best in each other.

If you plan to be a leader, you must understand the positive or negative impact that you can make on others every day. Leaders recognize that impact is more important than profit. Because if you create a negative work environment it will affect productivity and profit. We need you to care about each other first and the rest will follow.

As women, we don’t embrace our differences and often view each other as ardent competitors. If we continue to compete with each other, we miss the fact that we are all in the same boat bracketed by the same concrete ceiling. We must be willing to help each other rise as one – until we get this message, we will always have a tendency to treat each other with disrespect and wonder why men don’t see us as equals.

Your impact – making a difference. It’s simple, say hello. Genuinely care about each other and show respect, especially when you don’t understand what others may be going through. Making a difference means you think about others just as much as you think about yourself. We all need each other to be successful. No woman is an island onto herself.

Leadership Challenge:

  1. What can you do today to make a difference in someone else life?
  2. What can you do differently to show that you are a valued member of your team?
  3. What can you do on a daily basis to make a difference?
Final Thought – Making a Difference Means Paying it Forward!
Take 10 Minutes out of your day and mentor the youngest member of your team. We have an obligation to pay it forward. Demonstrate your leadership skills before you get the title as a leader, show others that you can make a difference in their career.


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