Only 3 Countries Have More Female Managers than Male

According to the World Economic Forum – Your boss is more likely to be woman in these countries:

  • Moldavia 44.1%
  • The Bahamas 44.4%
  • Guatemala 44.8%
  • Latvia 44.7%
  • BelarusĀ 46.2%
  • Panama 47.4%
  • The Philippines 47.6%
  • Saint Lucia 52.3%
  • Columbia 53.1%
  • Jamaica 59.3%

The United States didn’t make the cut. With less than 2% of African American Women in Leadership – we have to ask the question, What’s keeping us out of the C-Suite? Is there a concrete ceiling between women and the corner office?

I guess if you want to be a leader, they’re ten countries that offer better opportunities than the United States. Moving is always an option. If you’re like me, moving is never the first choice – then learning how to manage your career is essential.

Join the Employee to CEO Project and let’s move the barriers to leadership development.

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