The Career Launchpad E1: What Stops Women From Having The Career They Want?

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Encore Episode: What Stops Women From Having The Career They Truly Want?

One of the key stumbling blocks for women, we are always trying to do for others instead of asking for what we want. Building a career is a subset of who we are not an extension of us. This simply means if you don’t ask for what you want everywhere else in your life, you will not ask for what you want in your career. As women we are often told that silence is golden and we should just put our head down and work harder, the key fact that is often omitted when others tell us to do this, hard work doesn’t guarantee a successful career. I often say to women – tell me what you truly want, with a long pause most women cannot answer that question without providing a caveat and long-winded story. 

Here are some highlights from this episode:

  • The observation that women are often stuck on the leadership vine at the bottom [1:19]
  • Building your career should be focused on what you want to add to your future resume [2:40] – (Learn more about Building Your Future Resume Course)  
  • What is your assignment in life? What is your role in building your career? [3:38]
  • Will you show up for the next 52 Monday’s and do the same thing you did in the last 52 Monday’s? [6:37]
  • Are you waiting for the opportunity? [8:40]
  • Does your destiny include your why? [18:00]

Now that you have the question, what will you do to find the answers to building the career you want?

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