Career Challenge Day 2: What Defines Your Individuality?

Thirty Day Career Transformation Challenge

It’s easy to look around at other people’s achievements and say, “I should be able to duplicate what they have done.” Success, once you’ve achieved it, looks like a cake walk in the park. But the reality is that most individuals will not do what it takes to be successful. Be honest: you probably won’t, either. Success requires sacrifice, and that sacrifice is based on each individual’s appetite for achievement.

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The definition of individuality can be best summed up in one word: independence. Individuality is built upon the principle of being self-reliant. You own your own mind and your own life; it is the you that people are moving toward. You have a unique persona—the organization that wants you as their leader, also wants your individual point of view. You cannot craft someone else’s life and call it your own. You cannot speak through multiple voices. You must have an independent point of view.

Who Are You as an Individual?

Before you can address what you want from your career, you must first identify who you are as an individual and who are you as a potential leader.

What’s unique about you?

What makes you different from everyone else?

Organizations do not hire a group, they hire individuals – figure out who you are and you will find your gift to the world.


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If you don’t find your individuality, you will never find your voice. To live your authentic life, you must find your core center—your place that is uniquely yours. No one can experience what you are meant to feel. No one else’s experience is going to be your experience.


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