Career Transformation Thirty-Days and Thirty Questions Challenge

Day 1: Career Transformation Challenge

In a business context, a transformation is a process of profound and radical change that orients any organization in a new direction and takes it to an entirely different level of effectiveness. Career transformation asks that you take a new look at your career.

Self-transformation, however, assumes there is nothing wrong with you. We are born with gifts that can get buried and deferred because of fear: afraid to live the life we want to, afraid to say what we want, and afraid to demand what we need. Self-transformation of your career requires that you reflect inward—finding your power center and catapulting your career based on a renewed vision. You get to decide what you want, you get to select your path to success, and you get to champion your progress.

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The career transformation challenge single goal is to get you to pivot and view your career differently.

What do you want? Why do you want it? Why don’t you have it now? Three simple questions to change your career forever.

Over the next thirty days, I will be asking you to think about your career differently. What goals did you set at the beginning of this year that seems like a distant dream today? What did you want to accomplish but entirely set-aside because things got rough? What are you yearning to achieve but questioning if you are worthy to have it?

The Thirty Days and Thirty Questions Career Transformation Challenge is very simple – what can you change about your career in the next thirty days? Join me every day in September as I post videos and articles to challenge your assumptions and help you pivot towards a more empowered career path.

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