Career Challenge Day 3: What Can You Learn About Yourself Today?

Thirty Days and Thirty Bold Questions to Upend Your Career and Chart a New Direction

To rediscover your essence, you must be open to moving beyond your story and the expectations that have been placed on you by others and the expectations you have in your head about who you should become. All of these expectations are predetermined by the rules of others—the rules that you have been conditioned to accept. So let’s go a little deeper.

What do you know about yourself that is uniquely you?

Have you ever spent time comparing yourself to others and being negative toward yourself? Why do you do that? I once heard Oprah say, “You cannot be a copy of someone else; you can only be you.” If you spend time comparing your career with someone else’s career, you miss what you should notice. Looking at how someone else rose to leadership only reveals the stepping stones they walked to get there; it is not a comparison of the path. In other words, your career is like a chess game—each move counters another move. Don’t forget that. Some of us are better at playing chess than others. Furthermore, if two people play the same chess game on different days, you may not have the same result. Your career is your unique path, no comparison necessary.

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Never allow anyone to subjective compare you to anyone else. You will never be like anyone else, nor should you try.

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