HR Break Room Podcast: Challenge the Status Quo by Empowering Women in the Workforce

Margaret Spence

HR Break Room Guest: Margaret Spence, Global business strategist and founder of the Employee to CEO Project – Interviewed at SHRM18 on Developing Women Leaders

According to the Korn Ferry Institute, women make up 24% of C-suite positions, but only 12% had long-term aspirations to lead the organization as CEO. With leadership development initiatives increasing their emphasis on more diverse and inclusive workplace cultures, how can organizations ensure their program meets the needs of today’s female top performers?

In this HR Break Room conversation from the SHRM18 expo floor, Margaret Spence, global business strategist and founder of the Employee to CEO Project, joins us to discuss:

  • How an inclusive culture with women in leadership benefits your business
  • The differences in how women approach leadership positions in the organization
  • How HR can facilitate this change in identifying and developing women for leadership roles

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